You’re pushed for time and the budget is tight. Several pairs of eyes have looked at the document and you’ve reviewed it yourself more than once. That’s enough, right?

Well, no, possibly not.

Saving on a professional proofreader may seem a good idea right now, but you could live to regret it later on.

This is particularly the case if your document is going to be printed. Online errors can after all be fixed in a couple of clicks, but there’s not much you can do after something has gone to print. And it’s not just printed documents either – the last thing you want in an important PowerPoint presentation is a glaring typo.

So here are a few reasons why hiring a proofreader can make good business sense.

Proofreaders save your sanity
You may have a good eye for errors, but there are only so many times that one person can look at a document before it stops making sense. Sometimes, what that document really needs is a fresh pair of eyes. Proofreaders aren’t multi-taskers: they’re not reading your document whilst wondering if the emphasis in that part is right or whether that bit they cut out earlier should have been included after all. Proofreaders focus on the task in hand: spotting the errors and inconsistencies. 

Proofreaders save your blushes
It’s not the end of the world if you confuse your ‘its’ and your ‘it’s’, but at the same time it doesn’t give a great impression. What’s more embarrassing is an error like ‘pubic’ instead of ‘public’ or ‘manger’ instead of ‘manager’. Proofreaders have been trained to read slowly – and to look at each individual word – so they’re more likely to pick up those potentially embarrassing typos.

Proofreaders help you look more professional
Proofreaders are methodical. They don’t just read a document, they check it for inconsistencies. Your actual copy may be great but if you’ve spelt someone’s name in one way on page 1 and another on page 5 or your content page doesn’t match the actual page numbers then it looks unprofessional. A good proofreader will pick up on inconsistencies before they make it to print.

Proofreaders help create trust
Spelling mistakes and typos slow the reader down. The odd typo will probably be overlooked, but if your copy is littered with errors then the reader will be irritated. They may start to question the quality of your services and then they may decide to look elsewhere. Proofreaders weed out the errors so the reader isn’t distracted. They pride themselves on their editorial accuracy. As a result, they help to build credibility in the mind of the reader.

Proofreaders are more reliable than spell check
Technology has come a long way, but your spell check still can’t recognise when there are words but they’re the wrong ones. It won’t pick up on the fact that you typed ‘then’ but meant ‘than’ or ‘formally’ not ‘formerly’, nor will it catch the word you typed twice in your haste to finish. But a good proofreader will.

Proofreaders can save you money
Pulping and reprinting something will obviously give your accountant a headache, but errors can cost companies money in less obvious ways too. Here’s the financial fallout of some of the most expensive typos ever made.

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Image by Anne Karakash from Pixabay